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Key Features
  • Quality assured in every detail
    To create a great masterpiece, welding and fabrication of lighting pieces with each detail is taken care of.
  • Bespoke lighting products
    Our leading manufacturers are dedicated to provide bespoke lighting products- modern, vintage, antique, contemporary, traditional, as you choose.
  • Skilled designers
    Our designers are focused to create CAD drawings by utilizing the architectural resources, product information and finalized design ideas.
  • Maximum efficiency
    The lighting products manufactured by us perfectly match the specified voltage supply ensuring maximum efficiency as low voltage draws more current and high reduces the life of bulbs.

Bespoke Lighting

Ideas into Reality
  • Safe Packaging

    Finally, the products are safely packed into cartons or wooden cases and are delivered to our clients fulfilling their order on time.

  • Design and Concept

    Our skilled designers take inputs from clients regarding the product details with commercial terms before finalizing the contract.

  • CAD Drawing

    After an official order, our professional designers create CAD drawing based on the finalized design which is then followed by a manufacturing of the product.

About us

About Us

Jako Lighting is a leading lighting manufacturer delivering highest quality standards,workmanship, and service, by offering world-class products.

Our team of experts are dedicated to provide bespoke lighting products includingcustomized chandeliers, large scale chandeliers, vintage lighting, contemporarylights for hotel halls, ballrooms, meeting rooms, and more. We make sure that eachproduct manufactured by us offer high-quality, spot free illumination and well-litambience in your space

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what we create

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