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Key Features

Elegantly Different
  • Maximum efficiency
    Save energy bills and opt for a greener solution with our lighting products that are engineered for efficiency and durability.
  • Skilled designers
    Enjoy exclusivity as our team of talented designers bring your wildest lighting concepts into life with a systematic yet creative CAD process.
  • Bespoke Lighting Products
    Choose from an extensive range of bespoke lighting products that best fits the theme and requirements of your project.
  • Quality Assured
    Each piece of our lighting fixtures is carefully crafted with impeccable welding and fabrication process.

Bespoke Lighting

Ideas into reality
  • Mutual communication

    Our attentive team ensures all your requirements are communicated accurately and to your satisfaction before they are finalized.

  • Design and CAD Drawing

    Turn your ideas into precise CAD formats and leverage on our top-notch design and manufacturing capabilities.

  • Quality Assurance

    Enjoy worry-free delivery as each lighting product is thoroughly inspected for functionality and quality before being delivered in protective packaging.

About Us

About Us

Jako Lighting is more than a lighting manufacturer. We are trusted by leading interior and product designers to turn their lighting concepts into high-quality products. Using a unique approach, our team consistently delivers the finest bespoke lighting products. We took pride in having our customized chandeliers, large scale chandeliers, vintage lightings, and contemporary lights gracing the most elegant hotels and impressing their guests in the process.

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