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Where can bespoke lighting fixtures be installed?
In the previous decades, Jako Lighting’ bespoke lighting products are installed in ceilings, walls of lobbies, halls, restaurants, ballrooms, and other areas that require customized illumination. We’ve produced custom ceiling lights, pendant lights, and wall sconces for corridors. As for guest rooms, we’ve manufactured bespoke lighting fixtures for ceiling, table, wall, washroom, and mirror. Most of our products involved decorative lighting bodies while some include the light sources.
How long has Jako Lighting been in the industry?
Jako Lighting was founded in 1999 as an OEM lighting manufacturer in Zhongshan. In 20 years, Jako Lighting has achieved remarkable growth supported by quality manufacturing and a capable research team. We adopted the UL and CE certification as an OEM in 2006. In 2009, we established a workshop for stainless steel polishing and special design processing. In 2013 a professional lighting research team was established, and we eventually expand our brands globally in 2018.
What happens when we placed an order with Jako Lighting?
Our technical designer will create CAD drawings based on your ideas. Upon verification, the blueprint is then sent for manufacturing. The manufacturing of bespoke lightings involved a range of materials, including glass, colored glaze, K5, K9, and imported crystal from Swarovski, Egypt, and other regions. Metals ranging from iron, bronze, aluminum, alloy, and stainless steel are also used in the process. Non-metallics like acrylic, resin, leather, and fabric are also involved in the production of bespoke lightings. In order to shape the lighting fixtures, molds are created, or similar-shaped molds are used. Some molds are patented by famous designer firms, and being engaged to create patented molds is a symbolic indication of the experience and skills of the manufacturer.
How do you check on the quality of the products?
Before delivery, our quality assurance personnel ensures that every light fixture is functional both electrically and mechanically. Installation tests are conducted to ensure that the lighting fulfills the specification in the submitted design. QC tests involved electroscope, leak detector, ET, etc. The aging test is performed if lighting sources are provided. All of our products conformed to the UL and CE certification. It is an indication that Jako Lighting is an industry leader of the industry in a developed country. We then packed the lighting fixtures carefully in cartons or wooden boxes to ensure that they remain intact during delivery.
What equipments have Jako Lighting invested in making high-quality light fixtures?
We believe that every process in manufacturing is equally important. Manufacturing high-quality light fixtures involved a range of materials, such as glass, crystals and various types of metals. Some manufacturers operate by purchasing the relevant materials and assembling them in their facilities. Others may have invested in a glass factory. But the greatest challenge in producing bespoke lightings is the metal treatment process. It takes great precision to weld the metal into specific shapes without scarring the surface. Dyeing colors on metal surfaces is also a complicated process, especially for stainless steels. It is also important to ensure the stainless steel fixtures are sturdy and do not pose any danger to the public when installing in lobbies, halls or other public places. Our facilities and types of equipment ensure we have an absolute advantage in manufacturing high-quality fixtures. This is further boosted by the wealth of experiences from our management team.
How many employees are there in Jako Lighting?
Our workforce comprises 30 experienced designers and more than 150 employees in various departments including production workshop.
Are there any notable installations of Jako Lighting products?
Yes. Our products have earned the trust of some of the most prestigious buildings, both locally and overseas. Hotels like the Ritz Carlton, Pan Pacific in Beijing, Hilton Garden, Shiyan, and the Crowne Plaza, Evergreen in Shanghai have our lightings installed in their building. Jako Lighting has also completed successful projects in Trump Tower in the United States and the Royal Palace in Malaysia.
What Certifications or Standards Do Jako Lighting Complies To?
Jako Lighting is an ISO 9000 certified company. Besides that, all of its products comply with the UL, CE, and CCC standards.
What are the options of material that I can choose from?
To turn your ideas into reality, we offer thousands of crystal and glass models that you can work with. However, not all glasses and crystals have the same quality. It is important that you choose a manufacturer that is transparent on the origin of the materials. It helps to know that most imported crystals are quite similar, including those from Egypt, Czech, and Swarovski. What differs them is the lead content. Domestic crystals, such as the K5 and K9, are differentiated by the quality index for the content of SIOx (>= 70%) and KOH (>=5%). It’s important that you’re aware of the materials used in making the lighting as some clients looking for cheaper alternatives may be cheated in the process. You should also consider a manufacturer that produce high-quality molds, as they ultimately define the final shape and quality of the lighting fixtures.
What’s your warranty policy on the lighting products, if any?
Each of Jako Lighting products is covered by a warranty, although the duration may differ. For most of the decorative lights, we provide at least 1-year warranty. Stainless steel fixtures for ceiling or accessories may be covered by up to 5 years of warranty. We are always available to offer after-sales service for our customer support for further details if necessary.

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